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The Farmhouse Towel Holder Pattern – A Crochet Pattern

Looking for the sweetest addition to your Kitchen? Then the Farmhouse Towel Holder Pattern is perfect for you! Not only simple and elegant in appearance, it’s also useful! Fitting around most stove and dishwasher handles, it has a toggle button to hold it securely in place. Additionally, the wooden ring at the bottom is just large enough to snuggly hold your kitchen dishtowel so you don’t need to worry any longer about your dog’s tail or a passerby knocking your dishtowel to the ground. Lastly, this is an exceptionally quick make so it’s perfect for last minute gifts or for market prep!


I have two very large dogs – both are Bernese Mountain Dogs who come large tails that are always waggling. Because of that, those tails are very capable of knocking anything and everything off of tables and my stove handle. When I first moved into my house, I had the cutest towels hanging on my stove and I loved them, but it wasn’t long until George (my six year old Berner) came by with her tail and sent every single towel I put there to the ground. Who wants to dry their hands on a towel that’s been on the ground numerous times? The answer: No one. So I went in search of a solution.

I remembered that growing up my mom always had towels with a crochet topper on them so it was attached to the stove and refrigerator handle. Not having any of those towels at my disposal, I sought to recreate that same idea but in a way where you could use regular dishtowel and simply change them out when they got dirty. From there, it was just a matter of finding a stitch combination that I liked along with finding the right wooden ring size to hold the towel without strangling it or making it impossible to replace.

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Towel Holder Pattern Details

The Farmhouse Towel Holder is an easy, quick make that uses basic stitches to create a pretty texture that is easy to mindlessly make one after the other.

Difficulty Level

This pattern is perfect for an advanced-beginner crocheter. It uses basic stitches and also introduces the maker to working around a wooden ring, and attaching a button. I have pattern notes written at the beginning of the pattern that serve as helpful reminders in the areas that could be tricky. Lastly, I give detailed instructions on where and how to attach the toggle button so that it matches up with the button hold created for it in the pattern.

Sizing / Gauge

Gauge is not super important for this pattern, you’ll just want to make sure your towel holder is long enough to fit around your stove, dishwasher, or refrigerator/freezer handle. As written, the towel holder pattern should fit around most of these without any modification, but if you need to add length, I give instructions for where to do that.

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For all of my towel holders, I used Bernat Maker, a category 5 yarn that I am obsessed with, however, if you don’t have access to that yarn or simply don’t want to use the yarn I did, any tubular cotton/nylon yarn should work. You will want to make sure it’s thick enough to hold the towel once it’s hanging on the appliance handle. Some other options are also listed below:

Pattern Testing

Lastly, one thing I always make sure to do before each pattern release is to have the new pattern tested by makers just like you. This towel holder pattern was no different! I had some fantastic gals that tested and they absolutely rocked it.

Check out their finished towel holders below!

Are you interested in becoming one of my testers? Everyone on my Tester Newsletter always gets the first shot at testing my new designs! Sign up by clicking the button below.

That’s A Wrap

And that is a wrap! I’ve given out all of the information that I can about this towel holder pattern. I sincerely hope you’ll check out the pattern on either Ravelry or Etsy below. Don’t forget to tag me on Facebook or Instagram @hanoveriancrochetco and use the #farmhousetowelholder. I can’t ever get enough of seeing others creating my patterns.

As always, all my love!


Oh and if purchasing this pattern isn’t in the budget right now, I totally get that! One simple and easy way you can support me is through pinning one of the pins below to Pinterest. Plus, that way you’ll always have a direct link back to all the details about this pattern!

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