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Crochet Throw Blanket Pattern: The Garden Party Blanket

It may be the middle of winter here in Michigan, but I’m dreaming of Spring and what’s more perfect for spring that a new throw blanket pattern with a matching hat pattern?!

I feel like there’s always a slew of new babies that start to arrive when Spring rolls around and this is the perfect set to help you welcome them home.


True story.. I actually had the idea for this crochet blanket pattern back in 2020 when I learned my cousin and his wife were expecting a little boy. The first Garden Party Beanie and Blanket set that I made was in blues and grays. It was something I whipped up on the fly and I adored it!

But because it was a gift, and I’m never quick at actually writing up patterns and grading them, I ended up giving the beanie and blanket away before I could finalize the patterns. I knew that meant I would have to make another set, and when I learned that some family friends were expecting a little girl, I knew that was my opportunity!

From there, the Garden Party Beanie and Blanket patterns were created! Read on to learn more about the Garden Party Blanket, the crochet throw blanket pattern, or hop over to the Garden Party Beanie blog post to read all about the matching beanie.

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Blanket Pattern Details

The Garden Party Blanket is an easy & simple crochet throw blanket pattern. It is worked as a color-blocked blanket with 4 colors, but you can customize it to fit your needs whether you have 2 or 5 colors. In addition the pattern has instructions for 16 different sizes, starting with the Lovey size of 12×12″ all the way up to a King Size, 102×106″.

Difficulty Level

This crochet hat pattern is perfect for an beginner crocheter. It uses basic stitches and just requires some knowledge of pattern reading. I also have pattern notes written at the beginning of the pattern that serve as helpful reminders for any of the areas that could be tricky.


Because this is a blanket pattern, i.e. a sized pattern, gauge is going to be an important piece if you want your blanket to match the dimensions of the size you choose to make. As a part of that, it is important to complete a gauge swatch if you want to ensure your finished blanket actually turns out to be the size you are making. I do provide you with gauge in the pattern and I highly recommend making a gauge swatch before you get started.


Coming in 16 Sizes, from Lovey to King, this crochet throw blanket pattern has a size to fit every needs! For each size listed in the pattern, I give the dimensions of what the the final blanket should be, provided you meet gauge, so you can use that to determine which size to make for yourself or your little one.


For this crochet hat pattern I used Baby Bee Sweet Delight from Hobby Lobby, but if you don’t have access to that yarn, any Category 3 yarn should work! Below are some other options you can check out!

  • Hobby Lobby Must be Merino
  • Lion Brand Ice Cream
  • Lion Brand Baby Soft
  • Paintbox Yarns Simply DK
  • Bernat Softee Baby Cotton
  • Bernat Softee Baby Yarn
  • Sport Weight I love This Yarn
  • Caron Skinny Cakes
  • Loops & Threads Joy DK
  • Lion Brand Coboo

Pattern Testing

One thing I make sure to do before each pattern release is to have the new pattern tested. This throw blanket pattern was no different!

I had some fantastic gals that tested this crochet thrown blanket pattern for me! They not only made blankets in beautiful of colors, but they also gave me beautiful pictures and fabulous notes on the pattern!

Check out their finished blankets below!

Interested in being a tester for me? Sign up at the link below to be on my tester newsletter! They always get the first crack at testing my new designs.

That’s A Wrap

Well that’s all the information I can give! I sincerely hope you’ll check out this crochet hat pattern on either Ravelry or Etsy below.

Don’t forget to tag me on Facebook or Instagram @hanoveriancrochetco and use the #gardenpartyblanket because I can’t ever get enough of seeing others creating my patterns.

And if you’re interested in a matching beanie, check out the Garden Party Beanie. It’s the perfect companion piece to this beautiful throw blanket!

matching beanie end of pattern picture

As always, all my love!


PS If purchasing this pattern isn’t in the budget right now, I totally get that! One simple and easy way you can support me is through pinning one of the pins below to Pinterest. Plus, that way you’ll always have a direct link back to all the details about this pattern!

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