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Herringbone Cozy Pattern

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Hi Lovelies! Say a quick hello to the newest pattern in the hcc family, and your drink’s new best friend – The Herringbone Cozy!

If you read my last post, you know I was struggling with my crojo after last fall’s market season. That all changed when I was inspired to create the Herringbone Handle Basket (you can read all about that pattern here!). From there, the stitch pattern I used on the baskets is one I love when worked in the round, and I knew I wanted a cozy pattern that I could use on my slim cans. (Truly seltzers are where it’s at when I’m on the lake, enjoying the sun and a beautiful Michigan summer.) Combine those two things together, and the Herringbone Cozy pattern was created.

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Now, I know everyone doesn’t drink all of their drinks out of a slim can, which is why this pattern doesn’t just come in one size! The Herringbone Cozy pattern allows you to create a cozy to meet any of your drink needs! It comes in 4 different sizes; (1) Hot Cup/Cold Tumbler, (2)Slim Can/Glass Bottle, (3) Traditional Short Can, & (4) Traditional Tall Can.

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The Details

So now that you’ve decided to make a cozy in each color, let’s touch on the details of the cozy patterns. Each cozy pattern is worked completely in the round, with no seaming (yippeee!). In addition, for the can (slim & fat) & bottle sizes, the pattern can be modified to remove the base if you don’t like it. Either way, you’ll create a simple and classic cozy that will become your drink’s newest best friend! Whether it’s summer and you’re cooling off with a slim can seltzer or it’s winter and you have a hot cup of coffee to keep you warm, this cozy pattern is for you.

Difficulty Level

I place this cozy pattern (and my testers agreed) as an advanced beginner level pattern. The stitches uses are very basic, however, you do need to know how to join a ch in the round without twisting it as well as how to make a magic circle if you wish to make one of the cozies with a base.

With regards to the stitches, used, I give you step by step instructions on how to complete the modification on the half double crochet used in this pattern. I also provided photo tutorials on how to move from creating the base of your cozy to building up the body.

Sound manageable? I think so too! You are more than ready to knock out cozy after cozy so you’re all ready for whatever season that’s in front of you!


Gauge is decently important in each cozy pattern, if only because if you can’t meet gauge, your cozy may not fit the glass, cup, or can for which you’re making said cozy. I do provide gauge in the written pattern in two forms, so you should be solidly set to hit it and outfit all of your drinks!

Finished Dimensions

  • Coffee/Cold Tumbler: 4.5″ wide x 3″ tall
    • Examples: Starbucks hot and cold cups sizes Tall – Venti
  • Slim Can/Glass Bottle: 2.5″ wide x 5″ tall
    • Examples: Truly seltzer cans, slim La Croix cans
  • Traditional Short Can: 2.75″ wide x 4.5″ tall
    • Examples: 12 fl oz pop, beer, or wine cans
  • Traditional Tall Can: 2.75″ wide x 5.5″ tall
    • Examples: 16 fl oz energy drink or beer cans

Materials Needed

  • Yarn: Bernat Maker Home Dec
    • Coffee/Cold Tumbler: Approximately 24 grams/30 total yards
    • Slim Can: Approximately 38 grams/48 total yards
    • Traditional Short Can: Approximately 39 grams/50 total yards
    • Traditional Tall Can: Approximately 45 grams/57 total yards
  • Hook: 6.5mm
  • Yarn needle to weave in ends
  • Scissors
  • Branded or Handmade Tag (if desired) [I get all of my tags from Angie & Britt – quality could NOT be better and their customer service is fabulous]
  • 1/4” Chicago Screws (If desired) [Link to the ones I used: Gold, Red Copper]

That’s it!

If paid patterns aren’t your thing, don’t worry, I may have another cozy pattern up my sleeve that I’m thinking I’ll release on the Blog for free in the next few months, so make sure your on my newsletter! That way you stay in the know! Plus my newsletter peeps get all of the good deals and info I send out about my blog and my patterns.

I sincerely hope you love this cozy pattern as much as I do! I can’t wait to see your drinks out fitted in an hcc original.

Don’t forget to tag me on Facebook or Instagram @hanoveriancrochetco and use the #herringbonecozy. I honestly cannot get enough of seeing others making from my patterns.

As always, all my love!


PS If purchasing this pattern isn’t in the budget right now, I totally get that! One simple and easy way you can support me is through pinning one of the pins below to Pinterest. Plus, that way you’ll always have a direct link back to all the details about this pattern!

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