My Story

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to pop onto my blog!

My name is Katie, I’m an early thrities, avid crocheter and knitter! You can find me in southwestern Michigan, where I’ve been born and raised and I love it. I have a huge a passion for Christ and life! I love my hooks and my needles equally, and while I definitely have more experience with crochet, we’re working on those knitting skills!

About Me!

Being an aunt is the BEST thing that has happened to me. I have three nieces and 1 (soon to be 2!) nephews and they are my life! Plus, they’re the inspiration behind a number of my designs.

When I’m not designing or playing auntie, you can typically find me hiking/walking with my pups, reading a good book, playing with ponies, or pumping some iron at the gym.

My pups are both Bernese Mountain Dogs and they definitely keep me on my toes! Their names are George & Riley or “oofs” as my niece likes to call them. They’re big cuddle bugs who love to go for walks. I definitely want to start exploring more of the parks are trails around me!

I LOVE to read, big HP fan here, and I recently started taking more time to sit down and read. It’s been so good for my stress level because I am a fairly “go go go” kinda person! It forces me to stop and sit and just enjoy the book I’m reading.

I also love working out, and my time at the gym is one of the highlights of my day.

Lastly I just enjoy getting outside, whether it’s for a short walk, a day at the beach, or sitting on the porch, #wip in hand, being outside just makes this heart happy. It’s a little hard to do in Michigan in the winter, but as my dogs are snow dogs, I am definitely outside a lot more now during the winter than I ever have been before. Photography has also become of interest to me, what sparked when I started my instagram, has totally blossomed into a passion to capture not only what I create, but the sweet moments that happen with my family as well.

My Maker Journey

Now for the actual maker piece!

I’ve always been a creative type, doing everything from making friendship bracelets to scrapbooking to everything in between. I was technically a knitter first, learning years ago during an Oregon Trail unit in school. But I only knew the garter stitch and how to make a basic square.

Skipping ahead to about 6 years ago, I realized I was going to be couch bound from knee surgery for weeks on end. So, to keep myself busy, I picked knitting back up. However outside of the garter stitch, I didn’t really know what I was doing… So to YouTube I went! I started to watch how-to videos on knitting, and came upon some beginner crochet videos. Crochet just clicked with me! I’ve been hooked ever since 😉

Designing My Own Patterns

Fast-forward to now, I am loving every minute of being a maker. I didn’t start this journey to be a designer. I thought I would stick to selling physical products. However as I started to make other designer’s patterns, I found that I had to many of my own ideas in my head. I couldn’t help but start designing. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a following someone else’s pattern, it is such a great mental break and allows me to learn new techniques.

But I also discovered I have a huge passion for designing! It can be stressful and frustrating at times (hello sizing math), but I also have so many ideas that designing helps me bring to life! I also cannot get enough of seeing you all make my patterns. There is nothing that puts a bigger smile on my face!

Thank you for taking the time to read a small snippet about me and the journey that has brought me here! Take you time wandering around the blog, and please don’t hesitate to find me on any of my social media platforms, or contact me via email at

❤ Katie