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Herringbone Handle Basket Pattern

Hi hi hi! I am so pumped to release my next pattern out to y’all – The Herringbone Handle Basket! Welcome to your new go-to crochet basket pattern.

Now for a little back story on designing these baskets. I can’t lie, for a while there, I didn’t know if I was ever going to get my crojo back. I was in a hard core making funk where the very thought of picking up my hook or needles instantly spiked my anxiety. I’m not sure where it stemmed from; was I just burned out after last fall’s market season, or maybe not resonating with being a maker…

A few weeks ago though, amidst the whole COVID-19 lockdown, I felt inspired to create these baskets. I needed something to help me organize my life. I love home decor, but I wasn’t keen on spending any extra money on it. Instead, I worked to create something with yarn already in my stash.

Through this basket pattern, I wanted to create something that could be both functional and decorative. I also wanted it to be something that anyone could recreate. I managed all three of those things through this basket pattern. So say hello to the Herringbone Handle Baskets!

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crochet basket, basket pattern, crochet home decor, home decor pattern

The Details

All three baskets nest perfectly within each other, and look great when they’re nested or when they’re being used on their own. The basket pattern also comes with customization options for the handles. Don’t love the look of the built in crochet handles? Don’t worry! I give instructions for making the basket with and without crochet handles.

Difficulty Level

This is an advanced beginner level pattern. For starters, you work the whole pattern holding two strands of yarn together. This can take some getting used to if you’ve never done it before, however to make it easier, I highly suggest using two different skeins and pulling the yarn from the center of both skeins. Working with your yarn this way helps lessen the chance of you twisting up your yarn and creating a tangled mess.

As for stitches involved in the basket pattern, it does include a variation on the half double crochet stitch, but I give step by step instructions for completing it. The instructions for the base of the basket and the transition into the body of the basket are outlined in written form, with pictures to assist you along the way. From there, as long as you know the basic stitches, and how to create a magic circle, you’re all set and ready to rock this basket pattern!


While gauge may not be the most important piece with a basket, I have provided gauge in the written pattern in two different forms, so if you want to match my baskets exactly, nothing is standing in your way. I would recommend using the base of your basket as your ruler for meeting gauge. If you end up at the same diameter as I did when the base of your basket is finished, you should be on track to create the same size basket as I did.

crochet basket, basket pattern, crochet home decor, home decor pattern

Finished Dimensions

Small Size: 5″ diameter x 5″ Tall

Medium Size: 6″ diameter x 6″ Tall

Large Size: 7″ diameter x 7″ Tall

Materials Needed

  • Yarn – Bernat Maker Home Dec
    • Small: Approximately 125 grams/160 total yards
    • Medium: Approximately 185 grams/235 total yards
    • Large: Approximately 250 grams/317 (1 full skein) total yards
  • Hook: 7mm
  • Yarn needle to weave in ends
  • Leather Strap (If desired for handle) [Link to the ones I used]
  • 1/4” Chicago Screws (If desired for handle) [Links to the ones I’ve used: Gold, Red Bronze]
  • Branded or Handmade Tag (if desired) [I get all of my tags from Angie & Britt – quality could NOT be better and their customer service is fabulous]
  • Scissors

Why Isn’t this Basket Pattern Free?

If you’re curious as to why this pattern isn’t being released as free on my blog, I’d encourage you to check out my Bobbilicious Baby Blanket Blog post where I explain in detail why I have some paid only patterns.

But! If you’ve read this far, shoot me a dm on Instagram and I may just have a discount code for you black drawn heart

That’s all Folks!

And that is all the details I have for y’all about this pattern! I sincerely hope you love this basket pattern as much as I do! I know any or all of the sizes will add that perfect homemade touch to any home decor.

Don’t forget to tag me on Facebook or Instagram @hanoveriancrochetco and use the #herringbonehandlebasket as I love love love seeing others creating my patterns.

As always, all my love!


PS If purchasing this pattern isn’t in the budget right now, I totally get that! One simple and easy way you can support me is through pinning one of the pins below to Pinterest. Plus, that way you’ll always have a direct link back to all the details about this pattern!

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